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Advisory Service



Partnered with the client's overall objectives, Catalyst Strategic Solutions' Advisory Service  establishes specific, customized financial strategies and recommendations to ensure:

  • Long-term liquidity
  • Effective return between earning assets and credit union funding
  • Enhanced earnings streams and protection of equity capital

Key financial positions and ratios of your balance sheet, earnings and equity capital are monitored and evaluated in comparison with established standards and expectations.

Strengths, weaknesses and substandard performance in both projected and multiple interest rate and economic environments are identified. Specific strategic recommendations on earnings assets (loans and investments) and related funding are presented.

Investment portfolio recommendations are made to meet the following overall financial objectives:

  • "Parking" surplus liquidity until the funds are re-deployed in loans
  • Establishing earning assets whose yield and duration ensure long-term return and liquidity
  • Structuring earning assets to offset adverse interest rate risk and liquidity exposure

Strategic Solutions' highly professional Advisory Service is available at a fraction of the cost of maintaining the same operations internally. As an Advisory Service client you will receive:

  • A specific strategic outlook and financial plan customized for your credit union
  • Thorough assessment of current economic, interest rate and regulatory environments to properly structure the financial assets and liabilities of the credit union
  • Advanced financial modeling and analysis backed by a team of experienced professionals in the financial services industry
  • Non-commissioned investment trades using Advisory Services' stable of 14 primary dealers, saving thousands of dollars each year
  • Development of product and pricing guidelines for strategic asset and funding allocation
  • Investment accounting reports that support a sub-ledger of your general accounting system or serve as a reconciliation tool for internal resources
  • Customized asset-liability, investment and contingent liquidity policy development
  • Assistance in dealing with your regulatory examiners and outside auditors
  • Custom educational sessions for the board, senior management and/or staff

Strategic Solutions has provided advisory services specifically designed for credit unions since 1988.

For more information about the Advisory Service, contact Mike McGinnis at 800.301.6196.

Note: Your Strategic Solutions advisor is not a commissioned salesperson or broker. Our advisors are your investment partners, providing you with sound, objective investment advice.

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