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Asset/Liability Management Services



Credit union balance sheets continue to grow in complexity, and providing value to your members, while maintaining a healthy, efficient balance sheet, becomes more challenging every day. Some of the challenges lie in the area of evaluating interest rate, credit, and liquidity risks.

As part of a comprehensive Asset/Liability Management plan, Catalyst Strategic Solutions offers cost-effective, credit union-specific solutions for identifying, measuring and monitoring balance sheet risk.

Strategic Solutions believes ALM analysis should be accurate, timely, user-friendly and affordable for credit unions of all sizes and complexities. So, credit unions can select services according to their individual needs.

For credit unions with straight-forward balance sheets, Strategic Solutions provides the Standard ALM Service. This service employs the in-house-designed Asset/Liability Performance System (ALPS) that provides credit unions with flexible modeling and reporting options.

Credit unions with more complex balance sheets will find greater account level detail with Strategic Solutions' Comprehensive ALM Service. This service employs advanced analytical techniques to accurately model even the most unique balance sheets.

For credit unions managing an internal ALM program, Catalyst Strategic Solutions offers ALM Validation Services. Credit unions receive a comprehensive ALM analysis, along with a written report that compares results and provides detailed explanations and recommendations for change.

Strategic Solutions also offers many specialty services such as Core Deposit Studies, Mortgage Servicing Rights Valuations, and Static Pool Lending Analysis to address requirements of credit union management.

To determine which services are right for your credit union, contact Mike McGinnis at 800.301.6196.

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